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30 October 2013

5 Ways to Sit Down & Relax without Spending a Dime

With all of the wedding hoopla around here, the number one thing I need to do is relax. Why is it so hard to take a few minutes to ourselves and enjoy the downtime? No computers, no t.v., no cell phone; just some peace and quiet. I think we feel guilty if we relax; I know I do. I'm constantly thinking about how I should be doing something else more productive. But the reality is, if we don't take the time to relax, we aren't productive at all. Here are 5 ways you can sit down & relax without spending a dime:

1. Listen to classical music. Do you ever wonder why you love Fresh Market so much? I mean, it is incredibly expensive, y'all, and I still find myself happy happy happy when I'm there. The reason? It has to be the beautiful classical music that plays while I shop. It's just so soothing.

2. Sit down with your favorite magazine, book, newspaper, etc. and actually read it. Allison did an entire post about this very thing last week, and there is some excellent advice in the comments. Take a peek and then walk away from your computer screen. Grab a book instead!

3. Sit outside. It can be your front porch, your back deck, or a bench near your workplace, but sitting outside will certainly make you feel calmer. Maybe it's the fresh air, or maybe it's the chirping birds and the crunching fall leaves. Whatever it is, it works!

4. Take a bath. I have a good friend who swears by baths - I actually think I remember her saying that she takes more baths than showers. Now that the weather is cooler, just washing my hands in warm water makes me smile and feel cozy. Spending 15-20 minutes in a bath? Heavenly. 

5. Do something kind (and unexpected) for someone else. I love this one, and it is easily one of my favorite ways to decompress. Try ironing your hubby's next day work shirt before he gets home, or making your 4 year olds favorite dinner, or buying the guy behind you at Starbucks a cup of coffee (okay, this one costs a teny tiny bit).  I guarantee you you will be so focused on how happy you are, and how happy the person will be when they figure out your nicety, your other worries will disappear.

What are your favorite ways to decompress & relax? I'd love to hear! 
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  1. I haven't taken a relaxing bath in years- I need to do this when I visit my parent's house for sure.

  2. This is so great! Everyone needs a little wind down every now and then. I actually took a bath this past weekend–our tub was draining half the time, but it was still relaxing–ha!


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