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04 September 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Paper

Whelp, y'all; it's official: the countdown to the wedding is on...three months from today I'll be sitting on a beach in a BVI paradise thinking about my wedding that was just three days before. Crazy how fast everything has gone by! To commemorate and start keeping track, I thought I would officially dub these last few Wednesdays before our big day, Wedding Wednesday. I secretly started two weeks ago with this post about Kate Aspen (be on the lookout for more from them, soon!); surprise! 

We're currently in the process of planning our invitations, and I am loving everything about it. Who knew there were so many details that could go into paper? Thank goodness for my amazingly talented friend and sorority sister, Meme Davis, who is designing our look and hand-calligraphing (verb?) all of our envelopes. In fact, you might recognize her work from the pages of Southern Living. Neat, huh?! 

I'm not quite ready to share our invitation yet, but here are a few images that inspired our look:

1 / 2 / 3 

P.S. Did I ever share our Save the Dates? They were done by Natalie Kilgore, a local artist who I actually met at Blogshop last year. I thought you might want to see those, too :)  

The countdown is on! 
(bonus points for you, & proof that we're blog besties, if you can tell me where that little circa 2000 phrase came from)

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  1. Love the inspiration! I'm sure yours will be beautiful as well! The paper was one of my favorite parts too. Don't forget to save one for yourself to the dates too! Perfect for a memory wall. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the final invites!


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