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03 July 2013

Introducing Simple Sarongs

Colorful, easy, efficient, and, well, simple. Those are the words that immediately come to mind when I think of Simple Sarongs.  I am elated to share this product with you today! Entrepreneuress, Kami Darnell is taking beach cover-ups to a whole new level with her sarong-beach towel products, “I struggled to find a cover-up that I could quickly throw on when I was wet for all of those trips to the bathroom, snack bar, etc. The idea of a buttonable sarong that was one-size-fits-all and was fashionable but absorbent just made sense to me.”

I am 100% smitten by mine, and it has been a HUGE help at the beach for heading up to the club to grab a beverage. The buttons are strategically placed in the most flattering spots on the towel to minimize your hips but maximize function and comfort...not to mention style.

Every time I wear it, I receive loads of compliments which totally boosts the bathing suit confidence. Kami says she wants to start a swimsuit cover-up revolution “where people see the beauty of a versatile, fashionable, and easy-to-wear absorbent cover-up with the added bonus of doubling as a beach towel.” To me, that’s the best part of the sarong – I can easily drape it over my beach chair while I dry off, then wrap it around my waist for the walk back down the boardwalk. And, Kami once told me that each of her three designs were specifically created to be worn with a black swimsuit. There is not a better bathing suit color in the world, and to me, it’s just as important to have a LBS (little black swimsuit) as it is a LBD. Black is such a flattering color, and paired with a Simple Sarong, you’d surely turn heads.

Kami and I at the Vixen Vodka summer nights event.
Kami has been an amazing woman to get to know. Her business sense is incredible, and the passion she has for her brand and product is intoxicating.

Follow Simple Sarongs on Facebook and Twitter, and get yours here

P.S. Atlanta ladies - if you're in the area tonight, be sure to head over to Three Sheets for another fabulous Vixen Vodka hot summer nights event! This week's stars and stripes theme will get you in the 4th of July spirit.

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  1. that reminds me, i need a sarong now for vegas!! have a great 4th!


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