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22 August 2012

Liebster Award: Nice to Meet You!

Bloggers are the best: they host giveaways, encourage each other, talk about great products, and give awards! Big thank you to Mackenzie over at Mackenzie Pages for nominating me and my little blog for the Liebster Award. 

According to Mackenzie (and those who have gone before her): The Liebster Blog Award is given to upcoming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. The Meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcoming.

Well that's me to a T! ;)

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. Remember, no tag backs!

So, without further adieu...

11 Things About Me

1. Once I started kindergarten, I never moved to a new town. I was always the "Welcoming Committee" instead of the new kid. 

2. I absolutely love Halloween and start celebrating it as soon as October 1st hits. I even have a Halloween quilt made especially for me by my grandmother. I put it on my bed every year for the entire month. Some of the fabric even glows in the dark!

3. Southern Living is basically the bible. Or at least, I read it with absolute silence on a Sunday in a peaceful and serene state of mind. It's the only way. 

4. I despise olives.
card via etsy
5. Speaking of food, I have a slight obsession with bacon. So much so, that my boyfriend actually gave me a subscription to the Bacon of the Month Club last Christmas. Best. Present. Ever. I also love pickles. Always order extra.

6. As a typical southern belle, my favorite movie of all time is Gone with the Wind. And Scarlett is my favorite character. She has gumption, sass, and a killer sense of style.

7. I have seen the Backstreet Boys at least 9 times - twice of which were during adulthood. NKOTBSB, what?! No shame.

8. I recently realized that I won't spend a lot of money on a nice pair of shoes, but I do not hesitate to spend it on a bag. Example: I've been eying TB Revas for over four years, but won't bite the bullet. But I did purchase, just last week, a Lo & Sons bag with a greater price-tag without much consideration at all. 

9. My favorite kind of shopping is not at a boutique or mall, but at a flea market. 

10. I love old people so much, that I actually tear-up when I see them being sweet to each other.

11. I wish I had majored in journalism, so I could follow my dream of writing for a magazine. Luckily, I'll get a shot at it in the next issue of Poppy

Questions from MacKenzie:

1. Three of the best places you've traveled to: Paris, Mykonos, Florence

2. Three places you're dying to see: Paris on NYE, Napa, Santorini

3. Your go-to meal (that you can cook): Not a meal, but my favorite app: My friends call it "Evil Corn Dip." 2 cans corn (drained), 1 can rotel (drained), 1 block cream cheese, garlic powder, ground red pepper, & cumin to taste. Heat in microwave until melted, creamy, & hot - about 3 minutes total. Take this to a party. Trust me.

4. Favorite movie interior (set design) or fashion (costume design)? Movie Interior: Sex & the City II Carrie & Big's Apartment & Fashion: Sex & the City Pt. 1

5. How would you describe your decor style? Classic with a twist!

6. If someone gave you $1 million and you could only spend it on your wardrobe or interiors, which would you choose? I actually think I'd choose interiors - and anyway, don't you put your wardrobe on the INTERIOR of your closet? Is that cheating? ;)

7. What do you hope to achieve from blogging? I hope to continue to explore my love for writing and hopefully make a few new friends along the way.

8. If Annie Leibovitz (or another famous photographer of your choice) was going to spend all day taking pictures of you and someone in your life, who would you choose? It may sound shocking, but I'd actually choose my little sister, Maggie. It's so fun now that she's grown-up. 

9. What era/decade most represents your style? Tough one! Late 1950s-60s in a Holly Golightly, not Mad Men, sort of way.

10. What's your most prized possesion? My antique ring that was my great-great-grandmother's. I wear it every day and only take it off to shower.

11. Who is your style doppleganger (real or fiction)? How about my dream one, instead? Kate Middleton! 

Questions for My Nominees
  1. What's your favorite restaurant in your city?
  2. What blog inspired you to finally start writing your own?
  3. What is one thing you've tried from Pinterest & it succeeded? 
  4. On the flip-side, what is one thing you've tried from Pinterest that was a complete fail?
  5. What is your dream career?
  6. Admit it: What is your favorite guilty pleasure tv show?
  7. What one color appears again and again in your home? 
  8. If you could splurge on one designer piece (fashion or furnishings), what would it be?
  9. Name your favorite vacation spot. 
  10. What is one new to you blog that you can't get enough of?
  11. Where is your #1 place to shop? 

My Nominees: 



  1. As I was reading your answers, I kept saying ME TOO out loud hahaha! Can't wait to get started on this tonight! Thanks for nominating me, it will be fun!

  2. Thanks so much for nominating me... what an honor! I really appreciate the mention!

  3. OMG! I've had to share your blog with my honey, I'm not the only one who has a boyband obsession. He thinks I'm crazy!!!

    I've lost count as to how many times I've seen the NKOTB since they reunited in 2008 and did get to see NKOTBSBIIMEN in Orlando last year. Squeeee!!!

    You can read about my adventures here:


  4. Woo hoo! Nosh gets a shout out. Love the list! Very you. :)

  5. Thanks for nominating me :) So thoughtful of you!! LOVING your blog!!


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