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25 July 2012

DIY: Oversized Art

I've had this project completed for a while now, but when I saw Liz's post (a must read, btw) debating whether she should bite the bullet and blow-up an image of her own, I decided it was time to share it! When we began to revamp our kitchen, I knew the number one thing I wanted to do was replace the artwork that was hanging above the table. It was modern, full of earth tones, and just not me at all. One day, I stumbled upon this image from Design Darling (another must read) and knew that I had found the replacement art I was looking for!

I got to work researching and found InkShuffle via Camila's blog (again, a must read). InkShuffle is a company that will blow up your print and turn it into - get this - wallpaper! Even better, the wallpaper is removable, so it won't mess up your walls. You simply dunk the rolls in water to get them sticky enough to hang. I uploaded a picture from my study abroad weekend in Paris to the site, told them how large to make it, and received it in the mail about two weeks later (for only about $65!).

We decided to wallpaper the print to a piece of lightweight (but well sanded) plywood. Then, we built our own frame using pre-primed moulding and a piece of plastic glass. Here are a few during pictures:

The results are fabulous! See?

Photo courtesy of C.Joyner Interiors


The best part is that the picture is such a conversation starter, and I love saying that I took it myself :) Bragging rights!

PS. All of the must read blogs I mentioned are on my blogroll to the right! Get to reading, girls!


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  1. Love this pic, girl! This is such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!



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