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28 June 2012

Better Blogging: Alt Design Summit

I am making an effort to make my blog more than it was when I started. You might have noticed regular posting three days per week. You also might have noticed that what started as a book blog now covers all kinds of things - from design, to fashion, to food, to local happenings. In the coming weeks, it will have a new name and a new look! I'm excited about all of the changes and making my hobby a little something "more."
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One of the ways that I want to give it that extra pizzazz is taking an online course through the Alt Design Summit. This summit is ALWAYS blogged about on several blogs that I read; it seems like so much educational fun! This year, Bing (#thanksBing!) & Alt are teaming up to offer bloggers a chance to sit-in on a class from the comfort of their home...and for FREE! I am so pumped to be able to take a class this summer right before school starts back ("Noooooo!!!" laments the teacher). Crossing my fingers to take the Blogging 101 class for a few tips, but there are tons of other online class options

If you're interested in jumping on the bandwagon and taking a free class, check out the directions here. It's so easy! Huge thanks to Bing for making it all possible.

Check back for a regular Friday post tomorrow featuring fun beach reads!


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