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30 January 2012

Book Advice

My google reader is out of control - over 250 unread posts from my favorite blogs! I can't believe I've forgotten about some of my old haunts. While I was catching up on Emily Henderson's blog, I found her New Year's resolutions. I laughed out loud at this one, and thought my fellow book-clubbers would appreciate it:

10. Read less books with the teens, vampires, hunger or games.  We are starting a book club so that should help. First up is Jeffrey Eugenides 'The Marriage Plot' and already i'm like, 'Woah, right...this is what reading is'.  Any and all suggestions are good. Each friend is choosing a book that month so hopefully we'll have a big variety of fiction, non-fiction, classic and new.  Girlfriends gonna get smart again this year (meanwhile, who watched The Bachelor premiere last night?  Jenna was my instant fave, but my lord she is a sensitive little blogger isn't she?)

It made me laugh for several reasons:
1. Who doesn't love a good young adult book?
2. What's more, who doesn't love the Hunger Games?
3. All of our book club meetings eventually turn to less-than-deep discussion of trashy tv or celebrity gossip. Who doesn't love friends who love trashy tv?

I'm looking forward to our next few reads, and I think I've decided on my up-coming pick. Here's to finding books that make you think...even if it's just a little.


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