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16 September 2011

Friday Foodie: Farm Burger Buckhead

Atlanta has an overwhelming number of burger joints. In fact, I think you could make the case that there is at least one burger location within every mile of Buckhead (not including fast food!). However, that doesn't stop us from returning time and time again for a burger on a lazy weekend evening.

Once we found out Farm Burger Buckhead was open, we had to try it! We love Farm Burger in Decatur, but the drive (and the inevitable daunting line) makes it a "special occasion" kind of place. Sunday night, we spontaneously tried the new location and loved it! The menu is mostly the same with a few more additions to the snacks, but the size of the space makes it a much more pleasant experience; you even feel like you can sit and stay for a minute!

While Farm Burger isn't my TOP burger place, it is certainly up there, and I can't wait to visit again. Oh, and do yourself a favor and order the parmesan fries. They're to die for!


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