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29 August 2011

Top Thrifting: My Favorite Place

Last weekend, I made a trip to my absolute favorite shopping haunt in the city - My Favorite Place. First time shoppers beware: this place is incredibly overwhelming, but if you like antiques and vintage, it is also addictive. On my most recent trip, I could have easily spent $500 on some very "in" things. While I might not have the room, I certainly hope someone else had a home for all of these items:

Toile pineapple lamp: Not my thing, but apparently someone's!

Vintage Tiffany & Co jewelry box: Wish I had a place for this! It was so pretty in person. $16.50

Twin Chippendale/bamboo headboards: My FAVORITE find of the day! I think it would be so fun to put twin beds in a guest room...if you had more than one to spare. And, they perfectly match my Ballard's Backroom desk chair. Super sad I had to pass these up. Only $67 for both!
Milk Glass: I am trying to start a collection. Loved the candle holders, but they were a little more than I wanted to spend this trip.

Chippendale/Bamboo bench: If someone hadn't already bought this, I probably would have. I love it.

Metal Lawyer's bookcase: I think this would be awesome as a nightstand. I'm still considering going back to get it for the guest bedroom.

Faux bamboo luggage rack: Another awesome guest room piece. I think it'd be cute with the headboards - maybe painted a coordinating color, too.

I swear if I had room, I would have bought it all (including the weird lamp). I could have made it all work somehow. If you're ever in Chamblee, stop into My Favorite Place!


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