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17 August 2015

Easy Meal-Planning with Prep Dish

Just before our wedding, Hunter and I stuck pretty close to a Paleo meal plan. We picked up prepared meals from a local Paleo restaurant and simply heated up the meals that we wanted each night. Not only did it save us tons of time, but it was a great stress-free alternative to going to the grocery store each week. Plus, we knew we were getting the healthiest food out there. Unfortunately, that restaurant has since closed, so we've been spending week after week planning our own meals which often means a lot of blank stares when deciding what to cook, multiple trips to the grocery store each week, and a lot of uneaten food because we buy too much. 

Thankfully, while listening to my favorite podcast, The Lively Show, last week, I heard about a new meal-planning service called Prep Dish. Prep Dish sends a weekly shopping list and menu for four. Included in the menu is 4 dinners, breakfast for the week, snacks for the week, a salad for the week, and dessert...for the week. Each week you have the option of cooking either the paleo menu or the gluten-free menu. You spend a few hours prepping the food for the week, and then just a few minutes cooking dinner each night. Of course prepping meals is not a new idea by any means, but the fact that I don't have to come up with those meals OR the shopping list is GENIUS! The best part is that Prep Dish will only set you back $14 per month, that's $3.50 per week, y'all, and menus and grocery lists are done for you. 

I signed-up this weekend and decided to take it a step further by ordering my groceries with Instacart. Minus 2 meats (wanted to choose those myself) & a handful of things we already had in our pantry, the total grocery bill came to $85.47...and did I mention that it was delivered to my house?! I never left home and was able to get almost all of my groceries for the week for under $100. I can already tell that Prep Dish, along with Instacart, is about to make my weekends even better than they already are! 

Oh, and one more thing, I wasn't paid or encouraged in any way to share this with you. This is definitely NOT a sponsored post. I was so excited to find out about these services that I wanted to share them with you! Let me know if you give Prep Dish or Instacart (or both!) a try!

P.S. Use my Instacart link for $10 off of your fist order! 

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  1. WOW! So, so much to love about this post! Cooking/groceries/etc are challenging for me as it's JUST ME and I always find myself with wasted food. I'm going to look into the Prep Dish. For health reasons I'm really trying to research changing my diet to support a healthier 'fueling system!'


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